• Careers

Who we are looking for

Talented and motivated people to grow professionally in a stimulating learning environment.

For this reason we pay unique attention to the enhancement of our professionals by providing:

  • Staffing driven both by design features and goals, as well as opportunities for the professional development of the consultants
  • Contributions from everyone on project choices and goals for full customer satisfaction

The ideal candidate

These personal abilities represent added value for us:

  • Determination to achieve real results for the customer
  • Analytical skills and creative interpretation of the problems
  • High ambition and ability to get involved
  • Spirit of initiative, focus on the result
  • Interpersonal and team building abilities

Career path

A professional path with the goal of making every consultant a partner and practice leader of the company.

nce in Excellence, every professional can build his or her own career path, with a recognised professional growth based on two objective parameters:

  • Real results for the company and the customer
  • Proven leadership in the field
  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Partner

Career Opportunities

If you wish to become a part of Excellence, you can send us your CV to apply for the positions that are currently open.